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23/11/09 In January it's the group's AGM. As ever if you wish to be more involved, your help would be greatly appreciated. There is a nucleus band of people who do an enormous amount of work, much behind the scenes that most members wouldn't know about. If you wish to help, or maybe even stand at the AGM for one the posts or know someone who you think would do a great job in one of the posts then please let the Chairman (Mick Clay) have your nomination before the January meeting (27/01/10). One post which remains vacant is that of Fund Raising Officer. We are convinced there are pots of money available to the group from a vast array of sources, we just need someone who can spare a few hours a week to search out and apply for such funding. See Andy Hirst for details.

Calendar 2010

To celebrate the success of the groups annual photographic competition we decided to make calendars of the best images from each category. The 2010 desktop (cd style) calendars make ideal stocking fillers for Christmas and great value for money. The calendars are £3.95 each (plus postage at cost) or am amazing 3 for £10-why not solve your gift problems, help promote and fund SK58 Birders and save yourself money!

Below a sample from the 2010 calendar (actual size):

2010 Calendar

They are available from any committee member-but hurry, we've only had 100 made and they are sure to go quickly.

!NEW! 11/11/09 The group has just announced the winners of it's now annual photographic competition.

Photo Comp 2009 Photo Competition 2009-Results

It was incredibly diificult, so much so we had create a new catefgories to give all a fair chance. A total of 71 entries were judged. the best overall photo was of a Polar Bear by jan jarrold, she and the other winners will recive prizes dontaed by BirdGuides BirdGuides Ltd

09/10/09 We've launched our Christmas Quiz (Photo Comp 2009 Christmas Quiz 2009). Slightly different this year in so much it's buildings within the square, so no bird expertise required. Click on the above link for a form. Return with £1 to Geoff Facer or Tony and Jenny Drew who put together the quiz at the November meeting (not long).

24/09/09 Don't forget the groups photographic competition-the deadline is the October indoor meeting. For rules and categories -Photo Competition 2009. There were some misconceived/ incorrect comments relating to the wader scrape and the group on the Dinnington page of the Forestry Commissions website-after 3 weeks and much chasing (how hard can be to paste a paragraph on a website?) we finally had our reply posted, replying/ correcting some of the other posts.

11/09/09 Mick Clay was met by a ghastly sight when he approached the hide at NAPT last Saturday for his stint at wardening. During the night someone had caught a sick Rabbit and stuffed in to the door frame, after daubing the signs and door with the rabbit's blood. The wire mesh between the hide and the gate post had also been ripped down. Whether this was kids, or someone with a grudge, we don't know. This didn't deter Mick and he carried on after removing the remains and carried out a bit of cleaning up!

28/08/09 A small band of volunteers gave up an evening on Monday to put up our final two nest boxes. Having put up two previously our now experienced erectors had the two boxes up in no time! Although these were a little trickier as they were put in in trees rather than right angled barns. Non the less Andy, Mick and especially Alan were up the ladders like scolded cats (not that we condone scalding cats!!) See our Barn Owl page for more pictures. Thanks to Andy Hirst, Mick Clay, Andy Murray, Geoff Facer & John Gallagher.

Pictured right are Andy Murray, Mick Clay with Alan Bradford up there somewhere!

13/08/09 No news on the pump situation as yet from the Forestry Commission, nor a reply to a letter sent in early July (The water level is still average!), although they have agreed to repaint the hide as the flame retardant paint is peeling off rapidly, exposing the bare wood to the elements. This should take place in August.

10/08/09 Last Wednesday evening an eager band of volunteers rallied to our Conservation Officers calls for help in erecting several new owl boxes, boy did he need it. These boxes were large and palatial, complete with colour coordinated felt roofs and a patio! 6 of us erected the first box in a barn near South Anston, this was fairly straight forward and typically like any workforce 3 people did the work while the other 3 pontificated and offered words of advice whist leaning on their shovels! this was knocked off in an hour. Buoyant at our efficiency we started on the second box, this time in a metal framed barn in the south of the square. This was slightly trickier and involved inserting bracing beams amid the metal framework, but good team work ensued and within and hour and half, in the gathering gloom the second box was up. We hope to erect the third box in the east of the square this coming Wednesday-photo's and hopefully a press release to follow.

30/07/09 Our hard working Conservation Officer has been busy, with a little help, constructing/ painting/ roofing several 'penthouse' Barn Owl boxes-they are grand designs and Mick would like help erecting them in several pre-chosen sites. He has a ladder and access to a van, but needs help putting them up. We aim to do one a night-if you are free in the evenings please contact Mick email SK58 Birders

15/06/09 Sadly we have to report that the recent flash floods caused a lot nest destruction to sitting birds at NAPT. We know of at least two nests of special birds on this site that were flooded out. The birds nested in the lowest part of the scrape, this was dry because despite repeated requests since February, the Forestry Commission have failed to allow the group to pump water in to the scrape following a dry winter. We wanted to pump in water before the end of March before birds began nesting, but delay after delay and lack of action from the FC and currently still no word from them. As a result birds nested on the dry scrape base and subsequently the heavy rain has 3/4 filled the scrape flooding out nesting birds. This has caused a lot of ill feeling towards the Forestry Commission as we have warned the water levels were low and they failed to act despite almost weekly requests from the group to pump in water. The group even arranged a pump on standby ready to go and agreed to fund the cost out of group funds, some £300. Mick Clay, our conservation officer has complained very strongly to the FC site Manager about their lethargy and lack of action over the past 6 months. We await a response.

21/05/09 Video production continues unabated as our 6 volunteers continue to video the squares sites and birds in all weathers! Pictured right are (from L>R) Alan Bradford, Ian Barkley and Chris Lilley filming on the Chesterfield Canal for our Video Site Guide to SK58.

12/05/09 The group held two successful dawn chorus walks this past weekend and two weekends ago at Kiveton & NAPT on behalf of the Forestry Commission, although numbers were down on previous dawn chorus walks held in Anston Stones Wood (probably because folk had to book ahead), this didn't detract from a good couple of hours birding at both sites. These are sure to be repeated next year. White Stork added to the official SK58 list-description submitted and accepted of a bird over Hodsock on 05/06/08.

27/04/09 We've added a list of locations with Grid References so you can find sites listed on the latest reports page. See Sites & Grid References in SK58. There is also a link to Streetmap so you can locate these locations.

30/03/09 Anyone who has been to the wader scrape at NAPT recently will notice the lack of water, except at the two deeper areas. We are acutely aware of the level and hope to try an arrange for a pump to pump water in, but we have to be careful not to flood out birds already present. The Forestry Commission are also in the process of erecting new signs to help cut down disturbance to the wader scrape.

26/02/09 Our indoor meeting had a photographic theme when Keith Naylor produced some stunning image's, and talked us through how they were produced. We also announced the results of the photo competition.

Photo comp 2008 Photo Competition-Results 2008!
Photo Comp 2009 Photo Competition 2009

Congratulations to all that won! The standard was high, and the number of entries was staggering-84 in total. We will run the competition again in 2009, but the deadline will be the October meeting as we aim to produce a calendar of the winning entries in time to sell at the November meeting.

It's come to light that youth(s) have been caught at NAPT with guns (presumably airguns). If you witness anyone with any kind of firearm here, (or any other public place) they are committing an offence-please call SY Police on 01142 202020. We need to nip this in the bud.

29/01/09 The January meeting was also our AGM. The organisers gave their reports and all were re-elected ( Contacts). Tony & Jenny Drew were ratified as taking over the majority of the Publicity. Jan & Den Jarrold tentatively agreed to look into funding for the group. The group is financially stable although recording continues to decline. Following the AGM Janet Allsop gave an informative talk on the area we all know well-Spurn Point.

22/01/09 Our monthly Organisers Meeting last night was very productive. We decided to get more nest boxes made (75+!), mainly hole and open-fronted boxes, although several owl boxes will also be made. We are also wardening the hide at NAPT. This will be open every Saturday morning between the end of March and the end of May from 08:00-11:00, and wardened by experienced birders and group members.

We are also kick starting our video production on Saturday with cameras, tripods, microphones and budding wildlife camera operators/ editors meeting at Langold Lake to become familiar with the kit. See Events

19/01/09 We are very grateful to BirdGuides for again sponsoring the website. It means we can have our own domain name, email addresses and a lot more space. Please visit the BirdGuides website BirdGuides Ltd(click on the icon). For the latest in bird news and products for birders.

13/01/09 At the groups January meeting the AGM will take place. All the current officers are willing to stand but If you would like to be nominated for any roll, or wish to assist one of the groups officers, then please let Mick Clay know before the event. We are also looking to fill a new post, that of a Fund Raising Officer. We are sure there are pots of money, i.e. grants etc... in both the public and private sector which could be open to the group. All we need is someone with time to look into it.

08/01/09 Wood Sandpiper added to SK58 species list. A bird at NAPT on 7/5/08 has been submitted and accepted.

02/01/09 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! to all!!

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