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Updated: 25 February, 2019


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sunrise 1st January 2000We are delighted to reveal the winners in this years SK58 Photographic Competition

SK58 Birders are running a photographic competition during 2008. The competition is open to all current SK58 members. The deadline for the submission of entries is the January meeting in 2009. The winners will be announced and prizes presented at the February 2009 indoor meeting. So get clicking-you have the rest of the year to get your entries in.


Categories & Winners (images further down page)

  • Best Bird photograph within SK58

First Place- Alan Bradford: Gulls-Langold Lake

Runner Up- Keith Trow: Mallard-Langold Lake

Highly Commended- Clive Gretton: Red-legged Partridge-Hawk Lane

  • Best Landscape photograph within SK58

First Place-Jenny Drew: Turnerwood Lock-Chesterfield Canal

Runner Up- Keith Trow: Carlton Lake-Carlton

Highly Commended- Geoff Facer: Abbey-Roche Abbey

  • Best Bird photograph outside SK58

First Place- Ian Barkley: Oystercatchers-Findhorn Valley

Runner Up- Lyn Facer: Arctic Skua-Handa Island

Highly Commended- Tony Drew: Lilac-breasted Roller-Tanzania

  • Best Landscape photograph outside SK58

First Place- Jenny Drew: Singapore Bridge-Singapore

Runner Up- Jenny Drew: Rock/ Tree-Chatsworth Park

Highly Commended- Geoff Facer: Volcano-Tanzania

With "Best Photograph Overall" awarded to:

Ian Barkley: Oystercatchers-Findhorn Valley

Rules & Guidelines

  • Gannet- Bempton CliffsOpen to current SK58 members only
  • Each entrant can submit no more than 3 images per category
  • All entries must be submitted on or before 28th January 2009-to any member of the organising committee
  • All images must be printed (no CD's, memory sticks,etc...), 35mm slides also accepted
  • All prints (from negative/ digital images) must be no smaller than 6" x 4" or larger than A4
  • Each image must bear the name of the photographer, the subject/ location and date it was taken, with a brief note if applicable
  • Judging will take place between the Jan and Feb 2009 indoor meetings. The judges will be group officials Mick Clay & Andy Hirst and professional & eminent local photographers Allan & Susan Parker, and their decision is final.

There were a total of 84 entries from many members, and proved to be a very popular event, which I'm sure we will repeat in future years. The standard of entries was higher than anticipated, with many diverse images submitted, from straight forward prints to highly manipulated, almost abstract images. It took the judges over three hours to whittle down the finalists. Congratulations to all. Each First Place Runner Up & Highly Commended will receive birding products kindly donated by BirdGuides Ltd. BirdGuides Ltd

  • Best Bird photograph within SK58

First Place-Alan Bradford: Gulls-Langold Lake

"Alan's shot is a simple straight forward image that captures the Black-headed Gulls on the ice. It's technically good, well composed/ exposed, pin sharp with difficult lighting-You can almost feel the chill in the air-Well Done Alan".


Runner Up-Keith Trow: Mallard-Langold Lake

The judges were drawn to this picture with its vibrant colours and composition. "Clearly Keith has thought about the shot and made a good job of what is a very abundant species. A bit up on the contrast, detracts slightly, but well composed and thought out Keith."


Highly Commended-Clive Gretton: Red-legged Partridge-Hawk Lane

"Although not pin-sharp, Clive's shot is full of action, the blur of the wings enhancing this. The image captures a split second in time, as the RLP jumps up and flaps-a matter of being in the right place at the right time and keeping the button pressed-Good shot Clive"

  • Best Landscape photograph within SK58

First Place-Jenny Drew: Turnerwood Lock-Chesterfield Canal

"A place we all know and love, but how many have 'seen this image'. Clearly Jenny has seen the potential of the symmetry with a modern looking image on the past-with subtle manipulation of the sky-stunning image and a worthy winner"


Runner Up-Keith Trow: Carlton Lake-Carlton

"Keith has gone for a traditional sunrise, which can be extremely difficult-but Keith has got the exposure spot on, the foreground leads you in to the tree, with a subtle big sky. You can almost feel the mist on your face-excellent image Keith"-


Highly Commended-Geoff Facer: Abbey-Roche Abbey

"Thought Roche Abbey would crop up here somewhere-but Geoff has taken this very well-the foreground leads you into the image, and technically it's bang on-well exposed and pin-sharp, you see see every stone-well done Geoff".

  • Best Bird photograph outside SK58

First Place-Ian Barkley: Oystercatchers-Findhorn Valley

This image struck all the judges immediately, it's technically and aesthetically on the money, well composed, well exposed and pin-sharp, with the blurred rain bringing out the birds. "You can almost feel the rain on your face and a damp chill down your back-awesome image Ian."


Runner Up-Lyn Facer: Arctic Skua-Handa Island

"Lyn's image captures the moment, you can see right down the Skuas throat-you can almost hear it screaming at you as it mantles. Technically good, well composed and lit-Lyn was obviously in the right place at the right time and quick on her toes. "


Highly Commended-Tony Drew: Lilac-breasted Roller-Tanzania

"You can hardly go wrong with these birds, there plumage and shape lends it to a great photo. Tony's picture captures the vibrancy, enhanced by the composition and plain sky-a neat photo"

  • Best Landscape photograph outside SK58

First Place-Jenny Drew: Singapore Bridge-Singapore

"The imagination and thought is clear for all to see in Jenny's image. The straight lines, curves plus the ripples and highlights in the water produce a visually explosive image-another worthy winner!


Runner Up-Jenny Drew: Rock/ Tree-Chatsworth Park

"Jenny's done it again, almost a clean sweep. In stark contrast to the 1st place image, this is very natural, but the contrasts between the colours and textures, living wood, cold rock entwined make another visually pleasing image-well done"


Highly Commended-Geoff Facer: Volcano-Tanzania

Although a grab shot, presumably from a plane, "Geoff was clearly calm and composed, the colours and contrast jump out at you as you ascend the volcano, great depth, composition and pin-sharp without reflection or hindered by plane window! dramatic & superb!"

With an overall "Best Photograph Overall" awarded to:

Ian Barkley: Oystercatchers-Findhorn Valley

"This was a clear favourite, when Ian's image was on the desk with the other 84 images, it stood out. The diffuse background and rain, bring out the Oystercatchers and the lichen on the wall-technically brilliant, it works on all levels, the subject, the action, the textures-taken when most of us would put our cameras away-a lesson to be learned by all we thought-a truly worthy winner Well done Ian"


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