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29th December Passage noted along Chesterfield Canal, 70+ Fieldfare, plus 4 Marsh Tit, 11 Little Grebe, single Lesser Redpoll, 3 Mute Swan at Turnerwood and 350 Pink-footed Geese in 3 skeins >NW

25th December Early morning at Axle Lane produced imm.f Peregrine hunting Golden Plover, at one stage just over head, also 4 Corn Bunting, 77 Lesser Black-backed Gull >W,plus 2nd winter Great-Black-backed Gull and 1000 Golden Plover.

23rd December NAPT produced 39 species, highlights were:-f Sparrowhawk, mobbed by 3 Crows at Alcove Plantation. The Sewage works had a nice smattering of gulls with 11 Black-headed Gulls, 4 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 2 Herring Gull & 2 Common Gulls identified, also 14 Magpie on site fringes mainly N. Overflow produced f Green Woodpecker ground feeding with 2 m Pheasant at S end prior to flying over into "sandwich" between Scrape & overflow, plus 3 Snipe in thick weed in small channel, single Willow Tit & m Reed Bunting in smaller trees inside site. Cramfit Brook held 5 Moorhen (3 imm) and 2m Grey Wagtail with 6 Redwing in Hawthorne overlooking Cramfit Pond. Kestrels, in tall trees alongside railway and other over central Scrape, both female. At E end of site single Mistle Thrush in tall trees bottom of plateau, on top were 8 Jackdaw over >SE with plenty of tits & finches in beechmast. Surprisingly no large flocks! At Langold Lake today were 5 Pochard, 6 Goosander and single Great Black-backed Gull >W

21st December 2 Short-eared Owls showing at Langold Pit Top, south side from 3pm onwards

19th December 2 Short-eared Owls at Langold Pit Top from 14:00>

15th December A party of 20 Long-tailed Tits in a Shireoaks garden, the observers first in 29 years. At NAPT a f Kestrel hunting between scrape & overflow, single Snipe in same area disturbed and flew SE over scrape, pair of Redwing in treeline N of overflow, total of 33 Golden Plover over >SW in 2 groups of 11 & 22, 4 Grey Wagtail on plateau,scrape, overflow and brook, 5 Grey Partridge on plateau, single Black-headed Gull >SW.

14th December A tour of the areas water site produced some very useful records. At NAPT 2 Teal on the top plateau pond. At Brown. Bailey's were 4 Coot, 1 Little Grebe, 1 Great Crested Grebe, 25 Tufted Duck, 2 Gadwall and 14 Black-headed Gull, plus 2 Marsh Tit, 2 Coal Tit, 13 Long-tailed Tit and Treecreeper. At Carlton Lake were an impressive 26 Moorhen, 19 Mallard, 4 Coot, 118 Canada Geese, 2 Heron and a very impressive 11 Goosander (6m & 5f). On Langold Lake: 24 Coot, 35 Mallard, 5 Moorhen, 15 Tufted Duck, 93 Black-headed Gull, 2 Common Gull, 2 Great Crested Grebe and 7 more Goosander (4m, 3f), plus single male Pochard. At Roche Abbey just 2 Mallard!!. However Lingodel held 15 Mallard, 2 Mute Swan, 7 Wigeon, 113 Canada Geese and 2m Gadwall. At last some wildfowl in the area!.

13th December At NAPT 11 Grey Partridge on western slope towards Cramfit, f Sparrowhawk near scrape , 26 Pied Wagtail near culvert bridge, 24 Magpie in treeline N of sewage works, 6 Pheasant (2m, 2f, 2imm), one pair flew over fence into bracken rear of industrial site, 4 in plantation between sewage works & overflow .

12th December A Short-eared Owl has taken up temporary residence at Langold Pit Top. It's been present for a couple of weeks now. Usually shows on the South side of the grassed pit top.

9th December Alcove Plantation was a bit of a hotspot today, highlights were Sparrowhawk harassing Collared Doves & Tits, f Green Woodpecker on Beechmast, pair of Bullfinch in Hawthorn boundary of wood, m Great Spotted Woodpecker in tall Rowans, c.60 Woodpigeon, c.35 Collared Dove, c.50 Starling, 15 Chaffinch,10 Goldfinch, 8 Great Tit, 2 Coal Tit, 3 Robin. North Anston Pit Top was thin on the ground -nothing on Overflow or Scrape! Sewage Site produced 5 Black-headed Gull, 1 Herring Gull & 3 Lesser Black-backed Gull. NW corner held 5 Pied Wagtail on boggy ground, f Kestrel in tall trees on edge of railway line, 3 Pheasant in stubble with 5 Moorhen feeding in grass strip near dyke. Sandwich Area (between Overflow & Scrape) produced 2 Reed Bunting, 1 Willow Tit, 2 Song Thrush & m Grey Wagtail. Plateau held 2 Stock Dove & 5 Feral Pigeon with 27 Golden Plover over >W.

5th December By Brampton Common were 2 Little Owl 2,Woodcock and 5 Snipe. Great Spotted Woodpecker and Song Thrush in a Gateford garden, as well as 2 Tree Sparrow, plus Buzzard mobbed by corvids by Owday Wood.

4th December Along First Lane today were 181 Golden Plover, 26 Yellowhammer ,single Kestrel and Sparrowhawk. Along the Chesterfield Canal from First Lane to Turnerwood were: 16 Moorhen, 5 Little Grebe, 3 Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2 Green Woodpecker, Sparrowhawk, 4 Goldcrest, 3 Marsh Tit, 5 Bullfinch, 25 Long-tailed Tit, 4 Treecreeper and Kingfisher, plus 3 Water Vole. By Anston Grange Farm were 28 Long-tailed Tit, 2 Jay, 25 Goldfinch, 60 Redwing and 2 Bullfinch.

3rd December A walk around Woodsetts to Wallingwells produced: 2 pairs Bullfinch, pair of Reed Bunting and good numbers of all tits. Wallingwells -16 Fieldfare, 7 Pheasant, 11 Grey Partridge all on field strip towards old quarry, 11 Yellowhammer, single Jay, 3 Willow Tit, c230 Woodpigeon, 2 Skylark, single Treecreeper, 3 Jackdaw, nice flock of c.40 Redwing, 3 Lesser Black-backed Gull>SE, 3 flocks of Golden Plover (11,13 & 74) totalling 98 all >E. At Carlton 5 Jackdaw (3 on common 2 on church tower), single Pied Wagtail, 8 Fieldfare, 2 Nuthatch, 3 Redwing. 3 Grey Heron (2 in ploughed field N of lake), 28 Coot, 3 Pochard, 2 Moorhen, single imm. Mute Swan, 4 Mallard, pair of Goosander & c.200 Canada Goose -poor numbers of wildfowl.

30 November Again at NAPT f Kestrel in tall trees alongside railway line central to W site boundary, resident Great Spotted Woodpecker & Nuthatch in Alcove Plantation along with single Song Thrush and 3 Brambling. Mixed flock of c.35 Rooks, Crows & Jackdaw >E across plateau

27 November At NAPT were 12 Black-headed Gull, 2 Lesser Black-backed Gull on sewage works, 5 Moorhen in brook between scrape & pumping station, f Sparrowhawk NW corner of site, 19 Pied Wagtail on boggy ground side of track near sewage, Woodcock disturbed near ditch on north side of overflow at 15:45pm, >W towards bracken & treeline near railway line.

26th November A Blackcap and a regular pair of Willow Tits in a Gateford garden.

25th November A Water Rail today at just west of Turnerwood between locks 32 & 33, along the Chesterfield Canal. Present for a week or so, has been fed by the locals

22nd November A party of 10 Long-tailed Tits in a Gateford garden, pus 2 Willow Tit and a regular Tree Sparrow. At NAPT a covey of 5 Grey Partridge on northern edge of scrape, singleton Redwing >NE, 4 Fieldfare near Sewage Works. In Alcove Plantation a pair of Nuthatch, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Song Thrush. At NAPT 4 Black-headed Gulls with single Lesser Black-backed Gull on scrape, pair of Mistle Thrush in treeline between scrape & overflow, female Kestrel flew from W to E across scrape settling on fence post before flying up over plateau. 2 large flocks of c.75-100 mixed finches, one on top plateau, one on slope leading down to scrape. Large flock of c.40 Rooks, Crows with 3 Jackdaw >E towards Alcove. Good numbers of all tit family as well as c.30 Magpie & c.50 Woodpigeon

20th November Along First Lane were circa 40 Yellowhammer, 3 Corn Bunting and 3 Reed Bunting . At Tommy. Flockton's Marsh 2 Cormorants flew E.

19th November Golden Plover topped 2500 birds today at Axle Lane, with 42 Skylark and 2 Cormorants >S.A probable Goshawk over Gateford this morning-buzzing the corvids

18th November Again at NAPT a covey of 7 Grey Partridge on NW boundary of site. Single Reed Bunting and 2 Goldcrest in treeline between scrape & overflow. Pair of Grey Wagtail in overflow near pumping station. Evidence of Woodpigeon kill in middle of overflow which is now virtually dry, possibly Fox, or probably Peregrine. A pair of Crows mobbed a Sparrowhawk near Alcove Plantation, Great Spotted Woodpecker observed drumming on tall rowans in same area, also high numbers of Blue, Great, Long-tailed & Coal Tits. No sign of Mute Swan cygnet on any of the wet areas within site. At Tommy Flockton's Marsh were c25 Fieldfare, single Mistle Thrush, Green Woodpecker, Heron and 4 Redwing.

16th November Highlight so far 3 Waxwings in a Woodsetts garden briefly. At Axle Lane today were 4 Corn Bunting. At NAPT the Mute Swan cygnet has moved to Cramfit Pond and was present from 11:00 to 14:30. 20 Black-headed Gulls on scrape, 3 Lesser Black-backed Gulls >SW, single Willow Tit & Reed Bunting in "sandwich" between scrape & overflow. m&f Pheasant on eastern boundary behind Greenlands School and 2 very large flocks (c.100 in each) of mixed finches (Linnet & Goldfinch)

15th November At Axle Lane were 2000 Golden Plover

14th November In Netherthorpe Plantation were 28 Collared Dove, 16 Woodpigeon, 12 Chaffinch, Robin, Wren & Dunnock. At NAPT were 2 Pied Wagtail in Willow plantation, covey of 7 Grey Partridge in NE corner of scrape, 6 Moorhen (2 on Cramfit Pond, 4 in brook from culvert towards sewage works), 1 Herring Gull & 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls on scrape, single Green Woodpecker NE of scrape in treeline, 5 Feral Pigeon on plateau along with single Mute Swan (cygnet) on top plateau pond, which remained there from 15:30 until 16:25 A walk around here at first light produced 51 species. Highlights included 13 Blackbird, 2 Grey Wagtail, single Lesser Redpoll >S, 10 Greenfinch, 4 Reed Bunting, Sparrowhawk & Kestrel, imm Mute Swan, which flew in at 08:15, after flying over N. Anston, turning sharply right, and heading straight for the top pond. Single Cormorant >S, 30 Golden Plover >SE, single Tree Sparrow >S, the regular 7 Grey Partridge, 3 Common Snipe and 5 Jack Snipe. Roche Abbey held 7 Teal. Nearby Kings Wood corner produced 7 Buzzard, 2 Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Lesser Redpoll >S and Cormorant >N. Wildfowl numbers remain low. Langold Lake held: 25 Coot, 29 Mallard, 11 Tufted Duck, 2 Great Crested Grebe, and 5 Moorhen-grim! Carlton Lake held 119 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag Geese, c20 Moorhen, and single imm Mute Swan.

13th November A report of 3 Waxwings along Rackford Lane this morning. (big national influx, birds filtering through. At North Anston Pit Top were 22 Black-headed Gulls on wader scrape, 6 Grey Partridge on northern bank of overflow, Pheasant in scrub along Sewage Works fence, 2 Grey Wagtail, single Snipe in overflow, mixed flock c.50 Rook & Crow with at least 4 Jackdaw >NE, 30 Woodpigeon, 27 Magpie N towards old Church Lane entrance and mixed flock of c.100 finches. At Axle Lane today were 50 Skylark, 5 Corn Bunting, 500 Golden Plover, Sparrowhawk and 2 Cormorant >N. At Loscar 400 Pink-footed Geese flew east.

12th November A good bash around NAPT today produced 31 species, which was excellent with various gangs working site. Highlights were 3 different raptors! A female Sparrowhawk, a pair of Kestrels (imm) and amazingly, feeding on the ground 8m behind the hide, a female Buzzard, which was observed for a good 5 minutes before flying off. In Alcove Plantation single Treecreeper along with Great Spotted Woodpecker, Goldcrest, 14 Long-tailed Tits and single Coal Tit. A late Chiffchaff spent three days in a Gateford garden. With a pair Willow Tits visiting daily

11th November A quick hour around NAPT produced 27 different species including 5 Brambling in tree line between overflow and scrape, 16 Pied Wagtail on track & scrub alongside Sewage Works. On the wader scrape were 2 Black-headed Gulls, 5 Lesser Black-backed Gulls & 2 Common Gulls, good numbers of finches & tits throughout area, plus 44 Woodpigeon, 17 Magpie, 6 Fieldfare, single Herring Gull >SW, 20 Chaffinch, 60 Goldfinch, 12 Linnet,16 Carrion Crow, 3 Grey Wagtail, 21 Black-headed Gull (on overflow), single Jack Snipe (feeding on top plateau pond), 2 Stock Dove, 2 imm Moorhen, 8 Collared Dove and 2 Goldcrest. On the Chesterfield Canal ( Kiveton to Norwood ) were single Lesser Redpoll, 2 Little Grebe, single Jay and Great Spotted Woodpecker.

8th November At Axle Lane an imm. Peregrine was observed

6th November A trip to Shireoaks Marina produced 12 Magpie, 2 Jay, 2 Bullfinch, 6 Skylark, a high count of 4 Green Woodpecker, 4 Yellowhammer and 28 Meadow Pipit.

4th November North Anston Pit Top today included Brambling in hawthorne, 65 Redwing > SE, a high count of 57 Magpie,19 Meadow Pipit, 7 Dunnock and 2 Grey Wagtail. At Brown. Bailey's were a relatively impressive 29 Coot, single Great Crested Grebe, 14 Black-headed Gulls, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker, Willow Tit, 3 Bullfinch, 2 Marsh Tit and Little Grebe. At Axle Lane a female Merlin was observed eating a Skylark, Golden Plover topped 1000 birds plus 9 Corn Bunting.

3rd November At NAPT again were: 4 Black-headed Gull on overflow, Common Gull >W, 3 Jackdaw and Kingfisher.

2nd November At NAPT today were: 28 Magpie, 8 Fieldfare, 5 Moorhen, 9 Grey Partridge (N of site), Pheasant in same area, 5 Snipe in overflow and Grey Wagtail

1st November The following were recorded at NAPT: 2 Green Woodpecker, Grey Wagtail, 5 Pied Wagtail, 15 Black-headed Gull (on overflow), Willow Tit, Reed Bunting At Axle Lane were 500 Golden Plover, 498 Fieldfare >S, and 48 Black-headed Gull

31st October At Axle Lane today were 83 Fieldfare >S, single Brambling >S, 400 Golden Plover, 5 Corn Bunting and 21 Grey Partridge. At NAPT were 21 Blackbird, 185 Fieldfare, 350 Woodpigeon >S, 2 Lesser Redpoll >S , 52 Linnet, 2 Brambling, a high of 5 Jack Snipe and 16 Snipe, 5 Reed Bunting, 5 Bullfinch, single Chiffchaff, 2 Grey Wagtail, and circa 50 Skylark. At Brampton were 137 Fieldfare, Little Owl and 6 Grey Partridge. At Kiveton Pit Top were 2 Snipe, 10 Grey Partridge, 210 Fieldfare and 30 Meadow Pipit. At Kings Wood Corner 5 Buzzard, single Sparrowhawk and Tawny Owl were noted

28th October 2 f Merlin hunting ploughed field at Axle Lane this morning

26th October A Rock Pipit > S over Axle Lane this morning, this our first for 10 years and only our second ever record

18th October At Axle Lane today were 8 Fieldfare >S, 2 Redwing, Sparrowhawk, female Merlin, 200 Golden Plover and 2 Corn Bunting were recorded

16th October At Kiveton Pit Top today:c20 Redwing, 2 Green Woodpecker , 2 Jay, c15 Meadow Pipit, c25 Skylark, 2 flocks of Canada Geese (22 & 70 > West). At Tommy Flockton's Marsh were 12 Black-headed Gull and 1 Green Woodpecker. On the Chesterfield Canal from Kiveton to Tunnel were: 2 Bullfinch, 3 Jay (influx?), 6 Redwing, 18 Blackbird and 3 Little Grebe. At NAPT were 2 Kingfisher, 48 Lapwing, 8 Reed Bunting, 2 Swallow and Siskin (both >S). At Axle Lane an ad. Yellow-legged Gull was amongst 40 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 60 Black-headed Gull and 4 Common Gull.

13th October Again at NAPT-today: 1 Heron feeding in NW corner, 2 Kestrel, 12 Snipe, 2 Skylark, mixed flock c.30 Meadow Pipit & c.15 Greenfinch, 2 Redwing feeding in trees nr overflow, 4 Mistle Thrush, female Sparrowhawk with kill (Collared Dove)

12th October NAPT today: 4 Jackdaw >NE, c.45 Starling, 5 Pheasant (2f 2imm), 2 Willow Tit and 8 Snipe

10th October At NAPT first thing were 150 Linnet, 2 Brambling >S, with a steady passage of Redwing and Woodpigeon. An amazing 33 Snipe and 8 Jack Snipe were also recorded (national movement). Single Redshank heard >S, plus 2 Teal, 18 Fieldfare, Blackcap and Buzzard NW. Later on Herring Gull >NE, 3 female Reed Bunting and a mixed flock c.35 Goldfinch & c.20 Linnet.

9th October At NAPT today were single Green Woodpecker,14 Magpie, 5 Black-headed Gulls >E, 6 Moorhen and Grey Wagtail

8th October At Axle Lane this morning 4 Fieldfare >S, plus 12 Redwing >S. Golden Plover topped 400, with a high of 350+ Skylark and 5 Corn Bunting. Along the Chesterfield Canal from Kiveton to Toplocks produced the following: 15 Robin, 12 Blackbird, 8 Wren, 6 Bullfinch, 2 Goldfinch, 2 Mallard, 3 Grey Wagtail, 9 Magpie, 1 Heron, 1 Jay, c 45 Redwing, 11 Lesser Black-backed Gull, Kingfisher, 12 Skylark, 23 Moorhen, 8 Little Grebe, single Sparrowhawk and Kestrel, 4 Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2 Green Woodpecker, 2 Mistle Thrush, 2 Treecreeper, 12 Great Tit, 3 Willow Tit, 20 Blue Tit, 2 Marsh Tit, and c30 Long-tailed Tit in 4 flocks-PLEASE STOP TO DRAW BREATH!!!!

5th October Thanks to our chums at RDOS-2 Dotterel were recorded briefly at Axle Lane this morning. These the highlight of our autumn so far. Tree Sparrow in a Gateford garden this morning, the first since the observer moved there recently.

30th September Migration seems to be stepping up a gear. An arrival of thrushes was noted today with the good numbers of Blackbird, and especially Song Thrush, with the first Redwing of the winter over Axle Lane this morning, with a further 11 at Tinkerhole Dike at lunchtime. 10 Song Thrush were counted at NAPT this morning in the heavy showers, plus 5 Chiffchaff, 34 Pied Wagtail, a steady passage of Meadow Pipit, a ranging flock of 150 Linnet and Goldfinch and 10 Bullfinch. However surprise of the morning were the 33 Snipe in the balancing pool, with a single Jack Snipe. Tinkerhole Dike held the previously mentioned 11 Redwing, plus a good number of Blackbird (14) and 9 Song Thrush. A couple of Blackcap and more Redwing were noted at Carr Hill. Roche Abbey turned up the surprise of the day with 2 Pintail west with 7 Mallard, on the pond were 15 Teal. Wildfowl, numbers are again dismally low. Langold Lake held 23 Mallard, 18 Coot, 4 Tufted Duck, 2 Great Crested Grebe and 5 Moorhen. Carlton Lake was dismal save for the leucistic Moorhen, 182 Canada Geese and 4 Greylag Geese.

28th September The first winter geese of the season, with 22 Pink-footed Geese presumably SE over Axle Lane.

26th September 544 Golden Plover at Axle Lane today, with 163 Black-headed Gulls and Buzzard over Hawks Wood. The House Martin at Firbeck continues to feed 4 juv's at the nest. Also at Firbeck a Little Owl was noted sat on a bale off Kidd Lane. At Salt Hill Lane (Langold), 100+ Golden Plover plus 40 Lesser Black-backed Gulls. Also during the week a Barn Owl was reported from the Brampton Common area

24th September A dead Golden Plover at Axle Lane today showed the hallmarks of a Peregrine kill. At Firbeck a House Martin is still visiting a nest with 4 juv's

22nd September At Axle Lane today were 250 Golden Plover, single Wheatear and Yellow Wagtail

20th September Belated news of a Hobby feeding 3 juv's to the north of SK58, could this be third pair this year. Today 3 Grey Wagtail at Kingswood Close, Firbeck.

19th September 11 Grey Partridge by Kings Wood, as well as 6 Buzzard, and a Hobby south. Here 100's of hirundines, mainly Swallow and House Martin constantly went south in groups of 5-12. 30 Goldfinches at Gateford. At Roche Abbey were at least 4 Chiffchaff, 4 Marsh Tit, 15 Teal and a couple of Blackcap, with at least 4 more Blackcap at Carr Hill and 5 Skylark. Dinnington Marsh held 24 Stock Dove, with single female Wheatear and 250 Linnet at Axle Lane. A Merlin went through here earlier in the morning

18th September Constant stream of hirundines going south, through NAPT, the majority were Swallow, with good numbers of House Martin and the odd Sand Martin. High numbers of Meadow Pipit south also. Other highlights included Cormorant SE and 5 Snipe on the pool on the top plateau and 12 (may contain the 5) in the overflow pool, 5 Skylark S and 2 Lesser Redpoll S in the afternoon. At Axle Lane were 2 Wheatear and single Whinchat

17th September single Wheatear and 488 Golden Plover at Axle Lane today

15th September 2 Swift south this morning, 3 Wheatear and ellow Wagtail south at Axle Lane

14th September 3 Marsh Tit at Roche Abbey and single Teal, several Chiffchaff and a very yellow Willow Warbler. At Langold Lake were a dismal 7 Tufted Duck, 17 Coot, 18 Mallard, 4 Great Crested Grebe and 3 Grey Wagtail

13th September At Axle Lane today were 3 Wheatear, 100 Golden Plover, 200 Lapwing and Cormorant east.

12th September 2 Wheatears at Axle Lane this morning

11th September At Axle Lane a juv Wheatear and 123 Golden Plover recorded. On First Lane a Buzzard was noted (yesterday also). At North Anston Pit Top were 2 Whinchat and 9 Chiffchaff.

10th September Large flock of finches at North Anston Pit Top today including c100 Greenfinch, c75 Linnet, c75 Goldfinch, 26 Meadow Pipit, 25 Swallow, 20 House Martin, 3 Reed Bunting, 29 Magpie, 5 Chiffchaff and Willow Tit. Also single female Wheatear on plateau area and single Whinchat perched on a Willow coppice shoot. 9 Snipe flew from the very wet overflow balancing meadow. Plus single Sedge Warbler still present in Cramfit Brook reeds.

9th September 3 Curlew in the overflow flood defence at North S. Anston Pit Top today

8th September Golden Plover reached 178, with juv Wheatear

7th September A juv. Hobby and 60 Golden Plover at Axle Lane today

3rd September At Axle Lane today were Peregrine, Buzzard and Whinchat

2nd September Dinnington Marsh held 12 Chiffchaff

1st September Migration in full swing today at Axle Lane. 60 Meadow Pipits, plus single Tree Pipit south, as well as a Hobby south. Whinchat and Teal around also. At North Anston Pit Top things were almost as good. 12 Chiffchaff were counted, with 59 Meadow Pipit south. Around Cramfit were an impressive 43 Collared Dove, 100 Linnet and probably the same Teal as at Axle. Cramfit Brook produced single Reed Warbler and 2 juv. Sedge Warbler. By Kings Wood were 6 Buzzard and a calling Tawny Owl. At the Hobby site 4 juv's were counted.

31st August An excellent record of 3 Black Tern south over Swinston Hill Road, Dinnington this afternoon

25th August Greenshank at Axle Lane today

24th August An unusual record of a Dipper along the Chesterfield Canal at Turnerwood, also Tree Pipit over Kiveton Pit Top, plus a Clouded Yellow butterfly.

23rd August A really high count of Lapwing at Axle Lane today with 674 present, plus 5 Dunlin, 22 Golden Plover, female Merlin, 2 Whinchat and 25 Corn Bunting

22nd August 5 Hobbys at the nest site, 4 fledged juv's and an adult present, plus 6 Buzzard

21st August At Dinnington Marsh today were Garden Warbler, 9 Blackcap, 2 Lesser Whitethroat, 10 Willow Warbler, 4 Chiffchaff and 10 Bullfinch. Passerines are obviously on the move

20th August A Water Rail was reported from a garden in Firbeck today

19th August single Wheatear and 2 Whinchat at Axle Lane

16th August At Axle Lane today were 4 Whinchat and 20 Corn Bunting

6th August Yet another Hobby, again over the Langold area. Perhaps a pair are nesting somewhere near? Quite a lot of House Martins have left already. There are just a few around the Throapham estate

2nd August At Axle Lane today were 2 Whinchat, 15 Corn Bunting, 10 Reed Bunting, 5 Yellow Wagtail, a single Golden Plover and 30 House Sparrow

31st July At the Hobby site an adult bird flew around the site with food, also in the area was a family party of Sparrowhawk plus Kestrel and Buzzard. At Oldcotes an adult Hobby was catching insects over Burntout Wood.

30th July The first Whinchat of the autumn at Axle Lane today with 100 Swift, 8 Corn Bunting, 4 Yellow Wagtail and 200 House Martin.

30th July A Greenshank flew over Axle Lane this morning, it was thought to have come from NAPT.

17th July In a brief visit to the Hobby site, and adult bird on sentry duty was observed perched above the nest.

16th July Birds are on the move, the first Golden Plover (2) went over Axle Lane today, with 2 juv. Corn Bunting and 9 Yellow Wagtail here. Of more significance was the first ever confirmed breeding of Hobby within the square, the nest area having thought to have produced young last year, but not confirmed Woodlark also seen here. Also of note was the confirmation of breeding Heron at Carlton Lake.

15th July The first Common Tern of the year over, typically at Axle Lane ponds.

7th July At least 100 Swift over Dinnington this evening, with 2 Tree Sparrow over Swinston Hill Wood. Still Sedge and Reed Warbler at North Anston Pit Top.

6th July NAPT held at least one Turtle Dove in the usual place. Plus families of Willow Tit, Long-tailed Tit and Willow Warbler, plus 5 Goldfinch 5 Meadow Pipit, 9 Lapwing and single Sedge Warbler plus 7 fly through Black-headed Gull W. At Brown Bailey's just 17 occupied Sand Martin nests were counted. In the Letwell area were 2 Yellow Wagtail and a Buzzard.

5th July In Windmill Wood, Todwick were 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker and single Spotted Flycatcher.

2nd July In the Letwell area, towards Langold Lake, a Hobby passed through at 08.05 Apparently this has been seen 3 times during the past 2 weeks. Also 2 Kestrel, 3 Heron, 2 Grey Partridge, 12 Chaffinch, 8 Linnet and 12 Skylark feeding in a patch of stubble. Flying through were 2 Black-headed Gull.

29th June A Hobby was noted between Langold Lake and Letwell, towards Langold Farm

19th June On the Chesterfield Canal between Kiveton and Toplocks were 12 Wren, 4 Chiffchaff, 3 Song Thrush, a Great Spotted Woodpecker with 2 young + 1 other adult, 2 Little Grebe (2 ads with 3 young + 2 other separate adults), 3 Bullfinch, 5 Whitethroat, 1 feeding young. At Anston Grange Farm were 1 Grey Wagtail, 1 Heron, 1 Green Woodpecker, 18 Canada Geese + 10 young and a Little Owl with 2 young near farm buildings. At Harry Crofts Quarry 6 Stock Dove were 6 feeding.

13th June We have received information on two of our released Barn Owls, unfortunately it's not good. One was found long dead at Tickhill, and the other taken into care at Worksop (no further details)-thanks to Harry Vilkaitis for this update. Little Ringed Plovers have relaid at a site in the square following the disappearance of the first clutch. At North Anston Pit Top today were 2 Turtle Dove, and a Ringed Plover flew N from the wader scrape. In Cramfit Brook were 3 singing Reed Warblers, plus single Sedge Warbler, with a further Sedge Warbler at Carlton Lake.

10th June Of interest were 3 Tree Sparrow at St Johns, plus Cuckoo.

4th-5th June The groups belated bird race produced some useful records including: 2 juv Grasshopper Warblers at Dinnington Marsh, with Turtle Dove there also. Just a single Snipe at Brampton Common, while 4 Woodcock were observed roding over Stubbin Wood. That evening 4 juv Long-eared Owls were picked out at a traditional site. Spotted Flycatcher was noted at Carlton Church. On Carlton Lake were 14 Ruddy Duck (4m 3f & 7juv.). A very dodgy Barnacle Goose was in residence at Firbeck.

30th May The Red Kite was seen again, flying from Top Locks on the canal towards South Anston this morning. Also Hobby (2) have been observed recently from Kings Wood. Also of interest recently was a Quail for a day at Axle Lane, this the first record for this site.

29th May A Quail was heard along Brands Lane, but not relocated later. Also an unconfirmed report of a Red Kite over Laughton this teatime. At Tommy Flockton's Marsh were 5 Mallard, and along the canal to Norwood were 3 Blackcap, Lesser Whitethroat, Little Grebe, 2 Bullfinch and 2 Chiffchaff.

27th May Brampton Common held 16 ad Lapwings. At Carlton Lake were 4 male and 1 f Ruddy Duck single Great Crested Grebe and 2 Tufted Duck. Dinnington Marsh produced 1 Cuckoo, single Mute Swan, 6 ad. Lapwing and 3 juv. with single m Gadwall at Tommy Flockton's Marsh.

20th May At Turnerwood today were a pair of Mute Swans with 5 young, 2 Yellow Wagtail at NAPT, plus 2 Turtle Dove and 2 pairs of Reed Warbler.

23rd May At Kiveton Pit Top a single Sedge Warbler, 3 Whitethroat and 4 Reed Bunting, along the Canal -Kiveton to Norwood were 2 Tufted Duck, 3 Bullfinch, 2 Chiffchaff and 2 Whitethroat.

19th May A male Montagu's Harrier was picked flying SW over Axle Lane at 07:35 this morning, it was lost from view in a dip as it flew over the wall, and not relocated. It either dropped into the rape, or turned around and doubled back in northerly direction. This the groups second record, and first male (by the same observer-Mick 'Montagu' Clay!)

8th May An Oystercatcher flew SW over Throapham this afternoon.

2nd May North Anston Pit Top was comparatively quiet, with fewer of each species around. Just 7 Chiffchaff were noted and a meagre 8 Willow Warbler. 13 Swift went N. Whitethroat remained at about 12 birds, as did the 6 pairs of Lapwing. Highlights were 2 Turtle Dove, 2 Lesser Whitethroat and a Jay, which is unusual here. Also around were 17 Skylark. A single Buzzard was noted at Kings Wood, with 8 in the air together at Round Hill and 2 more at Carlton Lake, which also held 2 Greylag Geese and 8 Ruddy Duck (6m & 2f). 20 Swift were noted at Dinnington Sewage Works. Dinnington Marsh was worth a visit with Cuckoo, 2 Lesser Whitethroat and 2 reeling Grasshopper Warbler and drumming Snipe.

27th April Carlton Lake held 10 Moorhen today, with 4m and 1f Ruddy Duck. Langold Lake held 10 Coot, 4 Great Crested Grebe. Although 70 Swallow were mixed in with 100+ House Martin and 4 Sand Martin. The highlight was a very genuine looking Whooper Swan, which was very wary, fully feathered and unringed and flew off at 16:00.

25th April Turtle Dove and Grasshopper Warbler at NAPT this morning.

24th April North Anston Pit Top is where it's all happening at the moment with 48 species noted in 2 hours. At least 1, probably 2 male Ring Ouzel there this morning, plus 13 Willow Warbler, Tree Pipit and Redshank north as well as 4 Yellow Wagtail, and at least 6 Whitethroat and female Wheatear. Throapham Common held a now traditional Grasshopper Warbler.

23rd April Migrants are arriving thick and fast now. Common migrants are well in. Swift over Axle Lane this morning, plus Lesser Whitethroat at North Anston Pit Top. A good spell at Thornbury Hill produced Ring Ouzel, Tree Pipit, plus a high count of 8 Wheatear.

22nd April Around the Throapham estate 3 Linnet were noted (these must be nesting on the estate again), plus a strange Blackbird with a deformed larynx, which makes him sound like he's on helium, needless to say he hasn't found a mate yet.

20th April At Kiveton Pit Top the first Whitethroat was noted, plus m Wheatear, 8 Willow Warbler, c40 Skylark, and 9 Meadow Pipit. Tommy Flockton's Marsh yielded 5 House Martin, and a Swallow, while the 6 Sand Martins had increased to 12, which were inspecting 5 nest holes, also there were 19 Tufted Duck and the pair of Great Crested Grebe, still transporting their young around on there backs. Axle Lane produced 7 Corn Bunting, 6 Yellow Wagtails (5 m, 1f),a m Wheatear and 23 Skylark.

19th April A brief trip to Brown Bailey's produced 6 Sand Martin, plus a family party of Great Crested Grebe (the adults ferrying the young around on their backs)

17th April At Axle today, 2 m Yellowhammer, while Kiveton Pit Top produced 2 Chiffchaff, 2 Swallow N, 2m Green Woodpecker, 6 Sand Martin > W, 6 Willow Warbler, f Wheatear, and a Cormorant >E. A further f Wheatear was recorded at Tommy Flockton's Marsh. Passage at North Anston Pit Top was also noted with m Yellow Wagtail, 3 Willow Warbler, House Martin >W, Swallow, 2 Sand Martin >E, 16 Fieldfare and 14 Lapwing (6 nests at least). Around the top end of the square Steve Wilkinson noted the following 1 Buzzard over Stone Village, a f Kestrel by Kings Wood, 26 Canada Geese at Lingodell, 3 Greylag Geese (In with Canadas) 3 Pink-footed Geese (In with Canadas) and a Chiffchaff singing at Throapham.

16th April Migrants arriving were noted over Axle Lane today with 2m and 1 f Wheatear, m Yellow Wagtail,2 Sand Martin and single Swallow, plus 5 Corn Bunting.

14th April Along the Chesterfield Canal today were single Brambling, Green Woodpecker and 3 Redwing, plus 3 Redpoll

13th April At Axle Lane today were 5 Corn Bunting, 23 Skylark, 23 Meadow Pipit N and 46 Golden Plover also N. We've also had a report of 2 Barn Owls around Penny Piece, and probably one of the birds at Hawk Hill Lane Brampton.

12th April 3 Chiffchaff at Kiveton pit top, along with 3 Song Thrush, male Green Woodpecker, 3 Willow Warbler, 3 Willow Tit, male Blackcap, Kingfisher and 30 Skylark. At North Anston Pit Top 17 Lapwing were present (4 nests), and a female Mallard with 10 juv's. The first Curlew of the spring went NE over Axle Lane, also present here were 8 Golden Plover N, single Swallow NE and 2 Corn Bunting.

8th April A good day for Great Crested Grebes -Brown Bailey's produced 2 birds, 1 sitting on the nest and 1 with young on it's back. Carlton Lake held 2, the singleton attracting a partner. Langold Lake yielded 6 birds, 2 birds sitting on nests. Other records today: Brown Bailey's held 19 Coot, 6 Canada Geese, 3 Mallard, 6 Tufted Duck, single Little Grebe and 4 Chiffchaff. Carlton Lake produced 28 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag Geese, 14 Moorhen, 9 Coot, 2m and 3f Ruddy Duck, while Langold Lake held 49 Canada Geese, 1 Greylag Goose, 9 Tufted Duck, 25 Mallard, 7 Coot, 13 Moorhen plus a pair of Gadwall.

7th April At NAPT today were 12 Lapwings displaying but non were sitting on eggs. 2 Little Ringed Plover at a site in the square, with a further bird at another site, plus Ringed Plover and Willow Warbler. On the Chesterfield Canal from Kiveton to Norwood were 1 m Blackcap, 6 Chiffchaff, 3 Little Grebe, 1 Grey Wagtail. At Tommy Flockton's Marsh were 12 Teal, 6 Coot, 7 Moorhen, 1 Heron, 3 male Mallard.

4th April A good plod around North Anston Pit Top produced 9 Chiffchaff, the first Willow Warbler, with 3 pairs of Lapwing, Kingfisher and Snipe. At a site within the square a pair of Little Ringed Plover have again returned today. At Kings Wood corner 6 Buzzard were joined by a pair of Sparrowhawk and 2 female Kestrels. Langold Lake was quiet except for 5 Great Crested Grebe, a female Mallard and 6 chicks, plus another male Blackcap. Carlton Lake revealed a pair of Shelduck, male Gadwall and Ruddy Duck and Great Crested Grebe. The highlight at Brown Bailey's were single Great Crested and Little Grebe, also 3 Chiffchaff, which appear to be well in now. Generally it's been quiet with just a few migrants passing through. Hopefully this week will see migrants arrive in bulk.

3rd April At Roche Abbey this morning were 6 Chiffchaff, the first Blackcap (2 males), plus single Hawfinch, 4 Marsh Tit, and 3 Teal. At Kings Wood corner 23 Fieldfare flew NE, with just 2 Buzzard soaring (not ideal conditions). At a site just outside the square 2 Woodlark were again observed.

27th March Kiveton Pit Top was the place to be this morning with Peregrine and Merlin, which caught a Skylark, also 2 male Wheatear.

26th March At a site in the square 4 Buzzard were observed, with 30 Fieldfare flying south!

25th March A good day in the square today. Goshawks were seen briefly at a site in the square. 2 groups of 4 Buzzard were also observed. At Kings Wood corner were 3 Sparrowhawk and single Hawfinch. Tommy Flockton's Marsh held 14 Teal, 4 Coot, 2 Redshank,and a Snipe. Half an hour at Grange Farm yielded 18 Yellowhammer, 28 Lapwing, 3 Corn Bunting, and a pair of displaying Kestrel.

23rd March At Kiveton Pit Top today: 2 male Wheatears on the top, with 35 Skylark, 15 Meadow Pipit,. 7 Reed Bunting and 1 Chiffchaff. At Tommy Flockton's Marsh were:13 Teal, 5 Canada Geese, 4 Mallard, 5 Lapwing, 2 Redshank, 3 Coot. Along the Chesterfield Canal from Kiveton to Norwood were 4 Little Grebe and 2iffchaff. A pair of Ringed Plover have returned to a traditional site today.

22nd March A quick evening walk around Langold Lake produced: 5 Great Crested Grebe, 19 Mallard, 19 Coot, 15 Moorhen, 7 Tufted Duck and a Tawny Owl (I told you it was evening).

21st March The groups square bash reaped rewards: At Roche Abbey were: 5 Chiffchaff, 13 Teal, a pair of Shelduck, 12 Mallard, 28 Fieldfare, 2 Grey Wagtail and 2 Siskin. Moving on to Lingodell and amid the Canada Geese were single Greylag and 3 Pink-footed Geese, plus 2m and 1f Gadwall on the water. Carlton Lake was active with 3m and 1f Ruddy Duck, plus 9 Moorhen, 1 Great Crested Grebe and 6 Coot with 2 Buzzard and a Sparrowhawk over. Just 50 Golden Plover are at Axle Lane, the presence of an imm f Peregrine in the area has them spooked. Presumably the same imm f noted at Kings Wood today. Also at Kings Wood were 6 Buzzard, 20 Fieldfare and a vocal Hawfinch, which gave brief views. Very near SK58, 2 Woodlark have returned to the site where they were recorded last year.

19th March At last out first Chiffchaff-a single at Brown Bailey's.

17th March It's all happening today with migrants arriving on a broad front across the country, including Wheatears, Little Ringed Plovers and Sand Martins. Brian Chambers was out and found the following:Sand Martin over Lindrick flying N at 09:15, this, the groups earliest ever by 8 days. Kiveton Pit Top this afternoon produced 2 very early male Wheatears, plus 7 Fieldfare and 2 Redwing. At Tommy Flockton's Marsh -(17.00 -17.30) were 2 Redshank, 7 Lapwing, 6 Mallard, 9 Teal, 4 Coot and 8 Moorhen. Interestingly we have yet to record Chiffchaff!!

16th March Roche Abbey wasn't quite as good as Saturday, but 2 hours here did produce 11 Great Tit, 12 Siskin, 3 Nuthatch, 1 Buzzard, 13 Teal and 4 Redwing. Later on that day the following were recorded, with an increase in Teal: 23 and 24 Mallard, plus 3 Coot. A tour of the waters produced: At Lingodell: 2 male Pochard, at Brown Bailey's: 25 Coot, 4 Tufted Duck, 2 Canada Geese, 1 Great Crested Grebe,1 Little Grebe and 2 Mallard. At Langold Lake were 19 Coot, 22 Mallard, 1 male Pochard, 7 Tufted Duck, 18 Moorhen, 5 Great Crested Grebe, 7 Greylag Geese (high count)and 38 Canada Geese plus 5 Goldcrest. An early count from Carlton Lake produced:19 Moorhen, 2 male Ruddy Duck, 15 Coot, 60 Canada Geese, 3 Heron,1 Great Crested Grebe and 3 female Goosander. An hour or so later the following were recorded: 19 Moorhen, 13 Coot, 6 Ruddy Duck, 4m, 1f, 1imm. male) and single Great Crested Grebe-Interesting!

13th March An excellent morning at Roche Abbey, with 2 Water Rail and Hawfinch

8th March Along the Chesterfield Canal between Kiveton and Norwood on a short stroll were 2 Willow Tit, 7 Moorhen, 2 Little Grebe, 3 Bullfinch, 13 Blue Tit, 9 Long-tailed Tit, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker. At Tommy Flockton's Marsh between 16:00-17:00 were: 14 Teal., 4 Mallard, 2 Coot, 109 Starling and 6 Moorhen

7th March A good morning at North Anston Pit Top with: 11 Blackbird, 9 Robin, 17 Dunnock, 13 Wren and 7 Lapwing, 4 of which were paired and displaying. 4 Teal flew SW, with Kingfisher seen several times along Cramfit. 2 Grey Partridge were noted, the winter covey having broken up. 3 Snipe were in the top field. Lingodell was an oasis with male Wigeon, pair of Gadwall, 2 m Pochard and the first Redshank of the spring feeding on the short grass. Thornbury Hill was quiet except for 3 Buzzard, as was Dinnington Marsh, which held 18 Snipe, plus a showey, vocal Green Woodpecker. Roche Abbey produced 20 Mallard, and a healthy 23 Teal. At Carlton Lake there were 2f and a male Goosander, a high of 27 Moorhen, 14 Coot plus 1m, 1imm male and 2 f Ruddy Duck, as well as a solitary Great Crested Grebe.

6th March 3 Siskin were chasing around at Kings Wood, plus a Cormorant over, as well as 9 Buzzard and Marsh Tit

2nd March The female Long-eared Owl was calling again this evening

1st March An owl evening produced many Tawny Owls, plus Little Owl at Carr and a female Long-eared Owl calling at a favoured site

25th February 2 Peregrines now at Axle Lane, an imm female and adult male, appearing to go through courtship. Present all week is a male Blackcap in a North Anston Garden.

23rd February Female Peregrine still present at Axle Lane.

21st February 4 Buzzard were actively displaying at Thornbury Hill this morning. At East Field Lane 435 Golden Plover were counted with 18 Lapwing, no doubt disturbed from Axle Lane by the Peregrine. At Langold Lake was single female Gadwall and a pair of Pochard. Both pairs of Great Crested Grebe are now in breeding plumage and actively displaying.

20th February A female Merlin hunting early morning at Axle Lane.

18th February Just out of the area was a Barn Owl on the A57 just past the last roundabout when going out of Worksop (just past the scrap yard but before the golf club) at around 10.30. It flew from farmland on the left over the road to the right.

17th February A wet and showery day did produce some interesting records. Carlton Wood produced 17 Goldcrest, 18 Wren, 26 Blue Tit, 6 Nuthatch, 3 Marsh Tit, and a pair of Siskin courtship feeding. Roche Abbey held a good count of 29 Teal, plus 9 Mallard. Firbeck Hall produced 9 Mallard, 10 Moorhen, 15 Coot, 4 Tufted Duck 124 Canada Geese plus the dodgy Barnacle Goose and 3 Pink-footed Geese, which could well be genuine? At Langold Lake were 13 Tufted Duck, 24 Coot, 20 Mallard, 102 Canada Geese, 2 more Greylag Geese, 2 Great Crested Grebe, and a male Pochard. From a wet Kings Wood corner just 2 Buzzard were noted. Carlton Lake was lively with 12 Coot, 21 Moorhen, a pair of Ruddy Duck, a female Goosander, 86 Canada Geese and 6 Tufted Duck, plus 9 Mallard. Brown Bailey's revealed 19 Coot, 3 Mallard, single Little Grebe, 14 Tufted Duck and single Great Crested Grebe, with 26 Snipe and single Woodcock at Dinnington Marsh at dusk.

16th February A Barn Owl was observed hunting roadside hedges, along the A57, by Axle Lane at 07:00 this morning, thought to be a transient bird.

15th February An organised walk from Laughten to Roche Abbey and back via Long-thwaite Wood proved fruitful. 200 Pink-footed Geese went W over Laughten, with 150 Linnet in stubble on East Field Lane. At Roche Abbey/ Kings Wood were 4 Buzzard, 2 displaying Sparrowhawk, 60 Lapwing, 7 Teal, 40 Siskin and 70 more Pink-footed Geese flying west. At Lingodell were 86 Canada Geese, 2 Greylag Geese, a pair of Gadwall and male Wigeon, plus 350 Lapwing E over Long-thwaite Wood. Later on were a further 25 Pink-footed Geese over Dinnington and 70 more west over Kiveton Hall Farm.

14th February At Kiveton Pit Top today were: Jack Snipe, 70 Fieldfare, 4 Reed Bunting, 8 Yellowhammer and 12 Skylark.

12th February 75 Pink-footed Geese over Woodsetts, with 12 Corn Bunting at Axle Lane.

10th February Single male Wigeon at Tommy Flockton's Marsh today. Around the Kiveton Pit Area were 41 Meadow Pipit feeding in hospital house field, with 1 Siskin and 4 Lesser Redpoll feeding on Alders by the metal footbridge. Plus single Snipe and 5 Reed Bunting in Broadbridge Dyke and 69 Black-headed Gulls circling around. At Firbeck Hall were 155 Canada Geese, of dubious origin were 3 Pink-footed Geese and a Barnacle Goose. At Lingodell were 147 Canada Geese, 1 Greylag Goose and 1 male Wigeon.

9th February 14 Linnet at Axle Lane, along with 6 Corn Bunting.

8th February A blustery day kept most birds down. At Kings Wood corner were 3 Sparrowhawks, plus 9 Buzzard-hovering and displaying in the windy conditions. The wood produced Marsh Tit, and Tawny Owl, with 44 Lapwing, 21 Golden Plover west, and a steady stream of Herring Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull and Black-headed Gulls. Langold Lake was disappointing with 34 Mallard, 16 Tufted Duck and a miserable 20 Coot. The highlight were 4 female and 2 male Pochard, plus 2 Great Crested Grebe and circa 25 Siskin. Carlton Lake was equally as blustery, with 19 Moorhen, 12 Coot, 5 Heron, 8 Mallard and 94 Canada Geese

2nd February At North Anston Pit Top 5 Lapwing and 100 Black-headed Gulls were using the scrape. Golden Plover count at Axle Lane reached 2000 birds today

1st February A very mild, but windy day. Many birds have moved on. North Anston Pit Top held 68 Black-headed Gulls on the scrape, with 12 Herring Gull flying south. The highlight were a pair of Goosander south (probably a new bird at this location). Unusual here were 8 Yellowhammer, resting on the spoil. 5 Snipe were counted in the college fields, with 25 Magpie by the sewage work A windy Kings Wood corner produced a couple of Nuthatch and 2 Buzzard and 3 more over Thornbury Hill, plus 500 Woodpigeon. Wildfowl numbers remain pitifully low. Langold Lake held 26 Coot, with 6 at Carlton Lake and 20 at Brown Bailey's. 32 Mallard were at Langold Lake. Tufted Duck remain in modest numbers. 17 at Langold Lake and 19 at Brown Bailey's. Great Crested Grebe were present at Langold Lake, with one bird in summer plumage, the other in winter plumage. A pair were also at Brown Bailey's. 6 Moorhen at Langold Lake were bettered by 15 at Carlton Lake. Langold produced just 2 Siskin ion the windy conditions, plus single Kingfisher. The under-watched Tranker Pond (Rhodesia-no that one, the Worksop one!!) produced 3 Mute Swan, 16 Mallard and 10 Tufted Duck. A dusk trip to Dinnington Marsh produced 14 Snipe and a probable Jack Snipe, although 82 Pied Wagtails were counted in the Safety Kleen car park in a pre-roost

30th January Just 2 Waxwings at Sandy Lane (by No. 279) this morning (alas just a few hundred meters outside the square!!)

29th January At Brown Bailey's today were: 24 Coot, 5 Tufted Duck, 2 Mallard, 2 Great Crested Grebe, and a high of 3 Little Grebe. At Carlton Lake were 4 Heron and 16 Moorhen, while Shireoakes Marina held 3 Pied Wagtail, 1 Grey Wagtail, 24 Goldfinch, 9 Siskin, and 4 Redpoll. The finches together feeding on Alder fruit. At the Hewett Arms pond were 22 Canada Geese, 10 Mallard, 7 Coot and 2 Heron

27th January Juv. Peregrine flying around Axle Lane at 08:45

26th January Single Buzzard north over Brampton Common.

25th January c200 Pink-footed Geese west over Todwick

24th January An hour at Kings Wood corner produced good numbers of tits, including several Marsh Tit, plus 5 Buzzard and male Sparrowhawk. At Kiveton Pit Top today were Grey Wagtail, Heron, 3 Song Thrush, 3 Reed Bunting, 8 Grey Partridge, 62 Black-headed Gull, 3 Bullfinch, 8 Skylark, 5 Snipe, 4 Willow Tit and 4 Redpoll

19th January A female Peregrine hunting Golden Plover, early morning at Axle Lane

18th January A thorough count from Anston Stones Wood produced the following: 28 Great Tit, 25 Blue Tit, 5 Marsh Tit, 17 Long-tailed Tit, 5 Goldcrest, 2 Grey Wagtail, 4 Coal Tit, 150 Rook, plus Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Willow Tit and interestingly Buzzard calling over wood

17th January A good morning at North Anston Pit Top with a Jack Snipe in the overflow area, plus 2 Snipe and Kingfisher, with circa 50 Pied Wagtail on the nearby sewage works. A Buzzard went over Thwaite House Farm

9th January With most of the active membership away, just a few snippets before they went. At Tommy Flockton's Marsh were a pair of Wigeon. At the Hewett Arms was the now somewhat dubious Pink-footed Goose, plus 21 Canada Geese, 10 Coot, 5 Mallard and the suspect Greylag Goose. Brown. Bailey's held 1 Little Grebe, 10 Tufted Duck, 17 Coot, single Great Crested Grebe and a Cormorant. At Carlton Lake were an impressive 22 Moorhen, a male Ruddy Duck, 2 Tufted Duck and 5 Coot. Langold Lake produced: 26 Coot, 33 Mallard, 136 Canada Geese, single Greylag Goose, 18 Tufted Duck, a suspect Barnacle Goose and a pair of Goosander. Roche Abbey revealed 3 Teal and 2. Mallard Thanks to Brian Chambers for this

6th January 120 Pink-footed Geese flew west over S. Anston at 3pm. Also 5 Corn Bunting at Axle Lane today

5th January Just outside the square, again today were 8 Waxwings in an apple tree by 279 Sandy Lane, Worksop

3rd January What is probably the same Great Grey Shrike as Thurcroft, was located outside the square at Harworth this morning

2nd January A quick dawn search failed to locate the Great Grey Shrike at Thurcroft this morning

1st January A generally quiet day except for 12 Waxwing on Sandy Lane, Worksop, by an apple tree, and probably the same group, opposite Dixons on Turner road (alas both just outside the square. 300m outside the square is a Great Grey Shrike, off Hawk Hill Lane, reported to me at 17:00 (will look at first light on the 2nd). From the Laughton-Thurcroft road, just s of Thurcroft, turn left at the sharp right bend, after 100m, there is a bend sign, and a footpath off to the left, park here and view hedge on the left. SK49687

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