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Updated 25 February, 2019


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25/09/15 We are pleased to announce that the SK58 indoor meetings from October will be held in the meeting room upstairs at the Loyal Trooper, South Anston. The Trooper has undergone a complete refurbishment so you are invited to attend our return to this venue on 28th October where Ben Keywood will be making a presentation about "WILDLIFE OF VIETNAM".

Members old and new together with anyone who has an interest in birds and wildlife are welcome to come and join us.

25/09/15 The latest Diary Dates for the months of August and September have been added to the Events page. You will see that a trip to Flamborough is planned for the end of the month and as always you are welcome to join us.

25/09/15 The Club Christmas Dinner will be held at The Black Lion, Firbeck and we are currently exploring dates, watch this space.

08/08/15 The latest Diary Dates for the months of October and November have been added to the Events page. You will see that there are a number of local events planned and as always you are welcome to join us.

Andy is thinking ahead to the Club Christmas Dinner. We have four suggestions for a venue -

Zara's at Tickhill for an Indian meal.
Ka China at Waleswood.
Parish Oven at Thorpe Salvin - English.
Black Lion at Firbeck - English.

All welcome to join, please let Andy know your preference.

12/04/15 One of our members, Harry Vilkaitis, has a number of old bird books for sale, which collectors or members may be interested in. The titles are:

"Rooks and their Neighbours" 1895 Price £15
"With the migratory birds to Africa" (Crane migration) 1931 Price £10
"Hudson's birds of Yorkshire" 1907 Volumes 1 & 2 (Good condition) Price £60
"Mather birds of Yorkshire" 1984 Price £25

Anybody interested should telephone Harry directly on 01909 568139

04/01/15 The results are in for the SK58 sightings yearlist with Mick Clay observing 123 different bird species within the SK58 10km square. For such a small geographical area this is an impressive count which highlights the diversity of species we are fortunate to have within our local area. Congratulations to Mick and thanks to all those who took part and provided their counts throughout 2014. The 2015 race is already underway, and in January alone it is possible to see as many as 80 different bird species in the square, so good luck!

31/12/14 Can anyone who has bird sighting records from 2014 that are not yet submitted please send them in ASAP, we want to get 2014 closed off now, thanks and Happy New Year!

A group focused on recording the bird life of a single 10km square between Sheffield, Rotherham & Worksop

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