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Updated 25 February, 2019


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04/01/15 The results are in for the SK58 sightings yearlist with Mick Clay observing 123 different bird species within the SK58 10km square. For such a small geographical area this is an impressive count which highlights the diversity of species we are fortunate to have within our local area. Congratulations to Mick and thanks to all those who took part and provided their counts throughout 2014. The 2015 race is already underway, and in January alone it is possible to see as many as 80 different bird species in the square, so good luck!

31/12/14 Can anyone who has bird sighting records from 2014 that are not yet submitted please send them in ASAP, we want to get 2014 closed off now, thanks and Happy New Year!

21/09/14 The Christmas social event will be held at Zara's in Tickhill on Friday 12th December. All are welcome to come and join in, so please let Andy Hirst have your deposit of £5.00 to reserve your place.

21/06/14 Just a quick reminder to all those involved in the SK58 survey that all tetrads should be completed within the next two weeks.

Bird Screen 05.04.14.jpg 06/04/14 Many thanks to the volunteers from the Forestry Commission for making such a great job of rebuilding the screen at the NAPT bird hide which was hacked down by vandals. The screen is bigger and better than before, allowing viewing without disturbing the birds when the hide is closed. Here are the merry band who reconstructed the wicker screen from Willow harvested onsite.

06/04/14 A huge thank you to the members SK58 Birders! Every two years we survey the whole of SK58, dividing the square into 25 2km x 2km squares. For the past two surveys we've had squares uncovered. With a falling membership I imagined the shortfall would be greater this year - I needn't have worried. Within a month all the tetrads were allocated by members. Let's hope the enthusiasm pays off with good weather and good birds.

24/02/14 We received a further message from Pauline Bradford who would like to express her thanks to everyone who donated money following Alan's funeral. To date, £345.70 has been raised for the Coronary Care Unit at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield. Many thanks for all your donations. Pauline Bradford.

29/01/14 The members of SK58 received a message of thanks from Pauline Bradford.

'A big thank you to everyone who sent me cards and messages on the sad death of my husband Alan. They were much appreciated and gave me great comfort. The church was full today, 29/01/14, for Alan's funeral. Thanks again for everyone who came, and for those who coudn't attend you can be sure we gave him a good send off'. Pauline Bradford

24/01/14 It is with great sadness that we report the death of Alan Bradford.

Alan BradfordAlan first joined SK58 Birders in 2008 following retirement. And immediately became an active and valued member of the society, regularly attending our monthly indoor meetings and field trips as well as our weekends away to Norfolk and Dumfries.

His working life as a carpenter and joiner were soon put to good use. Alan became the "go to guy" when it came to making the hundreds of nest boxes scattered around SK58. From large, plush and somewhat indestructible owl boxes to enclosed tit and open fronted flycatcher boxes. Alan put in many hours constructing nest boxes and making pre-cut kits, giving his time freely.

Alan always helped out where he could and was a supporter of the groups Tetrad Atlas Survey covering the kilometre squares near his Langold home.

Video expanded his interest in photography and he joined our small band who went out videoing the birds and habitats within SK58. As well getting to grips with the technology and techniques involved with writing, filming and editing the captured footage. Again Alan's contribution and willingness to learn and help were greatly appreciated.

Alan was always at the front of the queue when the group needed help, assistance and volunteers. His dignity, humour, personality, unassuming manner and contribution to the group will be sorely missed in the coming months and years.

Outside of SK58 Birders Alan spent a lot of time at Lound and was an active member within Lound Bird Club, and was responsible for setting up regular indoor meetings there.

He loved Scotland and joined myself and few other SK58 Birders on a tour of the Highlands and the west coast of Scotland a few years ago. He and our Secretary Brian Chambers shared rooms (as well as black pudding!) and made a great double act ensuring the tour was a huge success. The last time I saw Alan in hospital he reminisced about the great time we all had on that tour.

Alan passed away on the 7th January whilst in hospital. On behalf of myself and all the members of SK58 Birders, we extend our sincere condolences and sympathies to his wife Pauline, who we hope will remain connected to the group as well as attend our curry nights at Zara's.

Andy Hirst
Recorder- SK58 Birders

08/01/14 HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014 kicks off with more events within SK58. A reminder that the January meeting is our AGM. Do please attend as we have a guest speaker, Malcolm Walpole who has an interesting talk on "Botswana - An Adventure Safari". 19.30 Anston Parish Hall 29th January. The AGM only lasts 20 minutes and anyone wishing to attend will be made most welcome. If you wish to stand for a position on the organising committee please let Mick Clay know in advance.

06/01/14 Can anyone who has bird sighting records from 2013 that are not yet submitted please send them in ASAP, we want to get 2013 closed off now, thanks.

04/12/13 One month to go in the 2013 Year List Competition and its close at the top with Mick Clay on 125 and John Gallagher close behind on 123. But, no new birds were added to anyone's list is November, so are there any new last minute birds to be seen in the square this year? All will be revealed by the year end...

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