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Updated February 25, 2019


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22/12/06 We've decided that our website is looking a little dated, so over the Christmas break we will redesign the look & feel of the website, which will make it easier to read & simpler to maintain.

23/10/06 We've heard recently that RMBC will sign off on the NAPT project, letting Yorkshire Forward/ Renaissance South Yorkshire off the hook, a decision which we completely condemn. A revised post construction plan showing the scrape at the reduced size was adopted. We find the entire scenario a farce, and wonder where all the money has gone?, we also have to wonder at RMBC's Biodiversity Action Plan, which has shown itself at several locations within SK58, to be at odds with RMBC planning decisions. As a result SK58 have withdrawn any voluntary assistance with Yorkshire Forward & RMBC. We have put in 1000's of man hours for the benefit of NAPT, RMBC and YF, only to be treated with contempt. We continue in our claim that the wader scrape was literally a puddle dug out without any thought process, despite the group producing detailed plans-As a result of the shambolic scrape no schedule 1 species have successfully nested on the site for the past 2-3 years. Evidence that speaks for itself, that the scrape is not fit for the purpose for which is was conceived-yet a staggering £30,000 folly was constructed by way of a water cascade-that will in our opinion would take rain of biblical proportions to ever reach it's full course-a fraction of this money would have completely re-contoured the wader scrape, transforming the area to an oasis for local wildlife, rather than a dry barren patch, which it has/ will become.

21/09/06 The wader scrape at NAPT, according to Yorkshire Forward is to size, and as planned, SK58 Birders disagree, we have campaigned for remedial work to be undertaken by Yorkshire Forward to complete the wader scrape area as per the plan drawn up by us and accepted by Rotherham Council. Various meetings and discussions have taken place culminating with a site visit last week with SK58, RMBC and Y. Forward. Yorkshire Forward want Rotherham MBC to sign off the site as complete, we disagree and want the scrape to be re-excavated as per specification. We await RMBC decision.

08/09/06 As a result of cooperation between SK58 Birders and the Forestry Commission, we now have 4 signs saying "Keep Away Wildlife Only Area". These new metal permanent signs are a vast improvement on what was there before, and will hopefully discourage dog walkers, kids & bikers away from the wader scrape, and therefore give our nesting birds a fighting chance.

20/07/06 A problem at NAPT has been the disturbance to the breeding birds by thoughtless people who have ignored the temporary signs about staying away from the water, as a result of the actions of a mindless few several species including a schedule 1 species have failed to breed on the scrape. To address this we've campaigned to have permanent signs installed advising the scrape is a place for wildlife, not dogs, kids and bikes. These metal signs will be provided by the Forestry Commission who manage the site. Lets hope they are installed soon before the summer holidays.

29/05/06 The BIG SIT was another success, with 54 species recorded between dawn and dusk. Highlights were hunting a Hobby. The event proved worthwhile doing on several levels, firstly to raise awareness of the group and it's work to the wider public, as well as showing folk what is on their door step, plus raise a bit of sponsorship money and see some good birds-if you've sponsored the event could you see Andy to pay up!

28/05/06 We again run the Big Sit event at NAPT. The event is aimed at raising the awareness of the reserveADH during the BIG SIT 2005 at NAPT, the group, and the work we do, plus raise a bit of money for group funds as well as find some birds. The event runs from dawn until dusk on the 28th. Andy Hirst will remain at the hide all day and attempt to find as many species as possible from the one spot. Last year we recorded 56 species-can we do any better this year?-come down and lend your support, and find out a bit more about the group, and look around the new hide.

03/05/06 Our friendly inter-SK58 yearlist competition is taking off with 6 members taking part.

01/03/06 We've just spent out lottery money and are the proud owners of a state of the art editing system, just in time for the filming and production we aim to continue with this year. We also have a new data projector, to enable digital photographers and guest speakers to show their work

01/03/06 Just a reminder that subscriptions are due in April

01/03/06 We've just had confirmation that our latest Awards for All Lottery bid has again been successful. The award of £4900 will be used to purchase digital equipment including a data projector, a new editing suite and software. This brings our total grant from Awards for All to over £17,000Awards for All

01/03/06 Just a reminder that subscriptions are due next month

23/01/06 Your last chance for nominations for the committee, for Wednesday's AGM-Nominations to Mick Clay before the AGM, 25/01/06, 19:30 in the upstairs meeting room of the Loyal Trooper pub.

10/12/05 In January is the groups AGM. If you would like to be nominated for any of the positions (see contacts page) or would like to nominate someone, then please let Mick Clay know before the AGM itself. New recruits are always welcome.

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